Parent Information

We’re here to help you, support you and stand by you through the challenges you may face, with the hope of establishing our dream for a brighter future. We’ll support you in your conversations with your local authority, educational establishments and health commissioners to help to bring about improvements in services for you and your child with SEND.

Dream The Change CIC is run by parents from diverse backgrounds who have children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) for the benefit of other parents like them. We have experience of the difficulties that families with SEND children face so our aim is to work together for a positive outcome for the benefit of everyone concerned. We here to understand your concerns, identify any specific difficulties and tailor individual needs to deal with available service providers both locally, privately and within the NHS. 

You can play your part by joining our online training, meetings and workshops, bringing your SEND child along to events and excursions and by joining with us to show a united body to influence changes for a better future for you, ourselves and our children. 

We welcome volunteers to help with administration or as a translator at another parent’s meeting, share our information to those who may need it, to follow us on social media and interact with our posts.
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Parents’ Stories

Being the father of a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), I try to enjoy and celebrate every moment of my own and my daughter’s experiences and I do my best to bring a positive change to families with similar circumstances.

The achievement I am most proud of is my openness about the way I have handled my daughter’s diagnosis journey. This has made those who know me see a more positive picture of what it means to have a child with a disability. Previously some of them were prisoners of their own negative thinking, but by sharing our experience and revealing my positive attitude and high spirits, these negative thinkers have had a change of mindset and are thankfully coming out of their shells and smiling at life as it is.

The second achievement I am proud of, is that I became a member of Dream The Change at early stages of its establishment and I was extremely grateful for the fact that I had the opportunity to share some of my views and ideas with its director.
I always say, “My autistic daughter has been by far my best teacher in life”.