Who We Work With


Our USP at Dream The Change CIC is that we work with Black, Asian, and minority ethnic families with SEND children. We are already connected with families from:

- Turkmenistan 
- Syria
- Iraq
- Sri-Lanka
- Venezuela
- Nigeria
- Pakistan
- Ghana

We work with Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) families with SEND children, but we would not say “no” to helping families with SEND children from other backgrounds. We will do our best to provide the support they may need. 
group photo taken during an activity

Our Aim

The aim of Dream The Change CIC is ensuring that everyone is respected and appreciated, while central to our brand are the core values, equality and diversity. 
family photo at the local park

Our Culture

While respecting each other’s views and differences, we aim to work together, using individual skills and resources to enhance the lives of everyone involved by uniting to share our concerns in order to influence the decision-makers and generate positive provision for children with SEND and their families or carers. We firmly believe that each child is an individual and has their own strengths, interests and needs. We think that children with special needs should have the same opportunities as their peers, be able to participate in social/leisure activities, and have chance to make new friends with youngsters who have similar interests.     
one of the children feeding the goats at a local zoo